Insurance and services

We develop a portfolio of products and services aimed at comprehensive, efficient and tailor-made protection for every need. We innovate in the details so that our customers can dedicate themselves exclusively to the development of their business.


A comprehensive solution: creative, competitive and tailor-made for each business.

  • Specialised corporate/B2B service, fully customised according to the type of business and needs..
  • Technical underwriting capacity and access to international markets (strategic alliances with global brokers and placement in the external reinsurance sector).
  • Finance lines for large companies and businesses.
  • Advice on company pension plans.

Risk management

An innovative, proactive and pragmatic approach to efficient risk management.

  • Technical analysis of organisation, business and needs.
  • Risk map and strategy with a 360° approach.
  • Development of specific solutions/programmes based on probability of occurrence or financial impact.

Employee benefits

Coverage and corporate treatment for employees from peer groups.

  • Special conditions for peer groups.
  • Exclusive resolution of claims.
  • Reconciliation of the individual insurance picture.
  • Global advice to the group of beneficiaries.
  • Proprietary digital platforms for contracting and administration.
  • Contingency analysis of expatriates and displaced persons.

High net worth

Solid and comprehensive support in the management of personal assets.

  • Specialised consultancy in high-value asset management.
  • Exclusive advice on asset valuation.
  • Damage/loss management (loss adjusters for valuation and claims).
  • Exclusive and personalised treatment.

Digital On Demand

Tailor-made protection at the right time: simple, fast and efficient.

  • Add-on insurance offer (unheard of in the local market).
  • Instant activation sales platform.
  • Solutions with payment only on the service used.